Monday, April 9, 2012

A Stroll through Decades

My av is so mad that he left his stockings at home. He's gonna have blisters.
Inspired by the new Decades collection from A:S:S, I went searching for a perfect place for a historical stroll. The New Toulouse sims provided the perfect location for the period style clothing just released. The Decades Silhouette Vest and Breeches in Moss, coupled with the Decades Gerard Shirt are perfect for some 1800s New Orleans style wandering (if only I'd remembered my A:S:S Plain Silk Stockings in moss).

Hair: Elikatira Over - Blonde 05
Glasses: Role Optic Glasses - Ares II
Shoes: [ hoorenbeek ] -Yorkshire Shoes in Tan

Shopping in A:S:S Decades Louis Style.
The A:S:S Decades Louis outfit in rose offered a stunning look for downtown New Toulouse shopping (and look, I remembered the A:S:S Plain Silk Stockings in Rose this time). This sexy vest and breeches outfit with a vintage pattern is a stunning, unique look for those who role play or just want to make a statement. The high collar and lace cuffs provide an elegance often missing from modern clothes and the rich texturing will make this an outfit you'll want to show off.

Hair: Amacci - Emilia in Vanilla Blonde (modified)

Be sure to check out the New Toulouse sims. This group of sims has quickly become a favorite of mine to explore and photograph. Stop by, explore, shop, enjoy. They're worth the time.

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