Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Over this past weekend AVENUE celebrated it's fifth year with a series of fashion shows, this outfit is from A:S:S for it, and is available at the Cinque Retail Venue. It is quite complete and requires little styling but we all can add a bit of our own flavor. Personally my look is inspired by a mating in my head between a Cenobite from the 1980's+ HELLRAISER film series, and the evil queen Malificent. Hope you like it here it is!

Body Tattoo, Head Piece, & Skirt "Tearstainer" from A:S:S
Boots "Macae" wedge boots in midnight from ::HH:: HUCCI 

Makeup from Madrid Solo October Series-You Haunt me, may no longer available however there are many options to choose from at Madrid Solo which will allow you to express your creativity here is the LM Madrid Solo

Necklaces - [AB] St. Barts Tennis Chain Style 6 for L' Accesoires

Pose by Posesion  "Fashion Life 10" & "Gown 10" You will find a host of creative poses here to choose from that will enhance your pictures!

Happy Shopping always XOXO
Fashionably Yours, Bastien B.


  1. Gorgeous photos & exquisite styling, luv it

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  2. I am humbled as always by your praise dear friend! Thank you ❤