Thursday, April 26, 2012

More Mesh Hair

Yes, I fell in love with it the minute I saw it.
The Fantasy Faire yielded much more of interest to me than I expected, including this sexy new mesh hair from Wasabi Pills, a Fantasy Faire exclusive. The Teeloh hangs naturally down one side while showing a sexy shaved skull on the other. Included hair bases provide a realistic look to the style. The Gingerbread color (one of the demos) is such a gorgeous color that I'm almost tempted to go red.
The Fantasy Faire Low-Lag Kit includes a two tone color of this sexy style.
While you're at the Fantasy Faire, grab the Low-Lag Kit available at the landing points and wear it. It'll help reduce lag on the sims, includes this two-tone version of the Teeloh and is a much better approach to ARC reduction than dropping all attachments and running around bald. The Fantasy Faire closes on April 29th, so make sure you get there. Don't miss out on this amazing hair and the many other offerings from wonderful vendors.

Eyes: VerseEye - ArtEyes in Countless Memories Haunting Me
Makeup: A:S:S - Rockstar eyeshadow in Nightowl
Top: Tableau Vivant - Minos


  1. Lovely pics as always, Merrick! I had best rush over there and grab this hair while I still can, since it's a freebie for the length of the faire.

    1. Just the two tone is a freebie in the pack designed to help keep avatar lag down...but it's a great looking hair in the two tone style--definitely grab it while you're checking out the rest of the Faire.

  2. ARC does not cause lag. It only slows frame rate for those with weak video cards. ARC does not consume a sim's resources. The fallacy that ARC causes lag must go, for tracking avis' positions, scripts and mega textures are the prime causes of sim side lag.

    What causes lag is the huge textures the vendors use in conjunction with all the scripts the vendors employ plus those worn by the avatars.

    At the Faire, I saw tons of folks running around with 300+ scripts utilizing 10 to 30 megs of info per cycle. THAT is why you have lag.

    1. Okay, the low-lag packs have no scripts in the included hair and skins, keeping the avs included in the packs from causing lag. Either way you see it, it's beneficial to grab the low-lag pack to help reduce your impact on sim resources, whether you care about affecting lag client side, server side or both. These low-lag packs help you with both and provide a cool hair to wear in the future. Grab them and wear them. They'll make the Fantasy Faire a more pleasant experience for everyone!

  3. also, since I'm an airhead, you go here to get to Wasabi Pills