Friday, October 26, 2012

Zombie Rez Day Bash!

photo by Eddi Haskell

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate Merrick's rez day last night in scary zombie style and big thanks to Blithe SL staff Bastien Berboral and Jesse Belavidorico who made it all happen. Tangier was rocked by zombies, skeletons, corpses and vampires, as well as the hot sounds of DJ Lex Solari and friendly greetings of host Christian Holland. MIM Dance Troupe entertained with "Thriller" moves that awed (and frightened) the assembly. Big thanks to our friends Ramses Meredith of Egoisme who generously provided a frightfully fantastic zombie skin for the event and Jacks Rhys of Verse Eye who created some custom zombie eyes for Merrick's special day.

See more photos from this creepy time on Eddi Haskell's blog.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

You're a Customer, Not the Resident of a Dictatorship

I tend to keep Blithe away from political issues, but this is something that really matters to all of us. It occurred to me today after a discussion in a Facebook post by Petr Hastings-Vanbeeck that our Second Life mindset may be helping perpetuate Linden Lab's lack of involvement in helping stop the extortion, theft, and harassment by criminals inworld. SL is, by nature, immersive. It draws us in so deeply that we become our avatars, and that's what helps us create businesses, become celebrities, fall in love, and create the stunning environment we've created throughout the grid. 

Sociology in Second Life is intriguing. We've created an incredible city. However, we really lack something essential to any society. We lack a criminal justice system. There is no possible way for us to police someone who violates laws that are in place throughout the real world to protect people. We can't hire police to arrest those who steal, put them on trial and lock them jail. It just can't happen. For this, we depend on Linden Lab.

Here's where our mindset fails us. We see ourselves as residents of Second Life, and Linden Lab as our government. Live Help is our police department and our police department sends us to the courtroom: Abuse Reports. The Abuse Report system is a known failure. Criminals who extort repeatedly, copybot, harass, steal, and grief are given a 4 day suspension, then allowed back in to do it all again while individuals who are victims are perma-banned or ignored. Our government knows how the criminals are committing the crimes and doesn't take steps to eliminate those means. We feel frustrated and paranoid because we are subject to a dictatorship that doesn't care what is happening to it's citizens.

But, what if we took a step back and really looked at our situation? You see, Second Life is not a life, it's a creation of a corporation. We are customers of that corporation. They are not our government, they are the business providing a service to clients. Out here in real life, corporations are subject to laws designed to protect the consumer. In Petr's post, I referred to a case involving a woman who spilled McDonalds coffee in her lap, resulting in massive burns. She received a huge settlement. The settlement was based on the fact that McDonalds knew their coffee was too hot, yet refused to lower the temperature, resulting in damages to a customer. Linden Lab knows their coffee is too hot and their customers are being burnt. 

We don't have the tools to police Second Life, but the corporation that provides the service does. If we approach the corporation through real life means, we're more likely to get their attention than we are through worthless Abuse Reports and calls to ineffective Live Help. Promote this petition. Share with your friends. Blog it. Take control. You're a customer, not the resident of a dictatorship. You don't have to remain a victim.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Over this past weekend AVENUE celebrated it's fifth year with a series of fashion shows, this outfit is from A:S:S for it, and is available at the Cinque Retail Venue. It is quite complete and requires little styling but we all can add a bit of our own flavor. Personally my look is inspired by a mating in my head between a Cenobite from the 1980's+ HELLRAISER film series, and the evil queen Malificent. Hope you like it here it is!

Body Tattoo, Head Piece, & Skirt "Tearstainer" from A:S:S
Boots "Macae" wedge boots in midnight from ::HH:: HUCCI 

Makeup from Madrid Solo October Series-You Haunt me, may no longer available however there are many options to choose from at Madrid Solo which will allow you to express your creativity here is the LM Madrid Solo

Necklaces - [AB] St. Barts Tennis Chain Style 6 for L' Accesoires

Pose by Posesion  "Fashion Life 10" & "Gown 10" You will find a host of creative poses here to choose from that will enhance your pictures!

Happy Shopping always XOXO
Fashionably Yours, Bastien B.

Saturday, October 20, 2012



Alchemy ( Alchemy9 ) Abye creates art because she feels the work is her destiny. Prompted by an irrepressible urge to follow her spiritual path creating what she refers to as Spirit Art. As Alchemy explains Art is always subjectively in the eye of the beholder. In the case of her work, she feels it is energy made into art channeled by spirit guides through her. 

These spirit guides send messages for many. Her belief is that individuals are drawn to a piece of her work, and view what it is they are intended to. Not all are intended to see beyond what is painted on the canvas. For others the images may change in their perception as they focus upon them she tells me. Some may feel totally drawn to a particular work as it is in their that a message lies in wait for them. 

Ultimately she hopes that if nothing more all can leave with these messages of “Life”, being hope, faith, and love... as well as a fulfillment of positive thought and emotion. Perhaps reflecting on deeper levels of awareness than before. Alchemy’s mindset is that “The Life Exhibition” is a rather apt title for her work.

In her own word it is all about life. Perhaps not conventionally as life is recognized,  rather on all levels of awareness. Second Life seems to be one of them, won't you join us in viewing this marvelous exhibit of color and canvas which captures the essence of the soul? 

The Life Exhibition Premieres Today at - La Galeria Mexico
        Ometeotl SIM
    1:00PM SLT

Come and show your support for this and all of our artists as they rely on support from their local communities to continue enriching our Second Lives.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tolerance is the Only Way

A new fashion event in SL is combining beauty, creativity and activism to combat the harmful effects of homophobia.

Tolerance is the Only Way is a fashion fair in support of COGAM, the Lesbian, Gay, Transgender & Bisexual Collective of Madrid. In its own words, COGAM seeks to:

  • Defend the Human Rights specified in the United Nations Charter, especially those that affect lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual people, their human dignity, their freedom to be themselves, their quest for social equality, the right to live free from discrimination, and so on.
  • Work to make society more inclusive and respectful, by promoting conditions that will let people truly benefit from freedom and equality, both as individuals and as members of their respective segments of society.
  • Promote full legal and social equality for all people, regardless of one's sexual orientation, gender identity, or emotional/sexual relationships with another consenting person or persons.
  • Work to eradicate homophobic and transphobic behaviors.
  • Work to eradicate discrimination against those of us living with HIV, and promote the right of all HIV-positive people to have free public medical care, psychological services, and social services.

Many of SL's major designers have produced dedicated designs in support of this worthy organizaiton, which are on display at a large, two-storey build on the  Cash Island 4 sim.

The two floors of designer goods include such well-known names as Champagne, Gizza, Tres Beau, SF Designs, Pekas, and Egoisme, along with dozens of others. Like most fashion events, the designs are largely geared towards women, with elaborate gowns, fanciful makeups, and glittering jewellery dominating the vendors. The items dedicated to men may be fewer in number, but no less in quality.

I picked up the handsome Bruno suit from SF Designs while I was there and couldn't wait to get home to try it on. Don't let my crummy photo deter you, this is a sharp suit!

The Tolerance is the Only Way event culminates in a series of fashion shows to be held October 27 to Novemeber 3. For more information, visit the Tolerance is the Only Way blog and visit the fair at

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vitamen Fashion Show Tonight

Vitamen and tou-Gen-kyo present VITAMEN GOGO BOYS CLUB tonight, October 13th, from 9 pm to 10pm SLT. The sim opens at 8:30 pm SLT, so be sure to arrive early while room is available. A second showing will be held tomorrow, October 14th, from 5 am SLT to 6 am SLT with the sim open at 4:30 am SLT for seating. Arrive in swimwear or underwear and settle in for a sexy display of Vitamen's hot styles.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Phantom Skulls Of Morgul: Wicked Halloween Decor

On sale until 4PM SLT 10/13/2012. Don't miss out!

Bonus Aether Skull Pedestal
Elicio Ember of Cerridwen's Cauldron has just released the first of a new line of products, Cerridwen's Creatures, and to help spice up your Halloween, he's made sure these are spooky and fun. The Phantom Skulls of Morgul are incredible floating skulls that will haunt you and any visitors to your home.

Red skull rezzer.
The skulls are born in an Orb of Morgul that looks innocent enough, but once activated, it becomes the spawner of evil skulls that fly around, screaming, chattering, and laughing (don't worry, you control how loud they are)! The Skulls of Morgul pack comes with six orbs in different colors (all orbs are copy, so you can place as many as you wish).

Lava Skulls!
Through the menu, activated by a 2 second touch on the orb, you can set up a variety of option, including selecting the types of skulls to release (there are five and you can choose any combination or all), number to release, distance, sound volume and more. There's even an option to keep the orb quiet until an avatar approaches.

Dark and Bone Skulls!
As a Halloween decoration, or even a year-round decoration for dark or fantasy sims, this is an incredible find that you won't want to miss. This pack includes 6 Orbs of Morgul, 5 unscripted skulls for landscaping, and special bonus skull pedestals for just L$375 on sale or L$550 full price. Join the Cerridwen's Brew group to keep informed on future 24 hour post-release sales.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Warrior Inside

Dirty is the New Black

Drop by Warrior Inside and check out a wide array of grungy, hip, sexy separates like the new Transparent Singlet #3 tank top which comes in 4 trashy colors in an asymmetrical bias cut, paired with these naughty Bitch Hole Jeans. Designer Requiem Wonder uses innovative templates combined with wicked textures to create one-of-a-kind, high quality casual wear that you won’t want to miss. 

Sometimes Fashion fills the Gaps

Hello Blithesome Hotties, this is the first time I post so I may do this absolutely wrong. If so my apologies come to you in advance. Here is a little taste of my usual styling, I hope it is helpful you can IM me in world any time I am online if you need help. Hugs and happy shopping.
Fashionably Yours, Bastien B.

POETIC COLORS : CLASSIC GEN4 Deep Sea - Small Bright
Tattoo Layers


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Masks of Mystery at Gay Riviera

There's always a good time to be had at the Gay Riviera, and Halloween is no exception. The talented, creative and generous team have scared up a sim-wide event that will have you shaking in your shoes.

Halloween happenings include the Mystery Mask Hunt from October 13–31 and a Haunted Masquerade Party with DJ Zann Baxton on Sunday, October 14 from 4–7pm SLT.

To enjoy the tricks and treats, grab a Magic HUD at the Masks of Mystery shop and start searching for the mystery masks. But it's not so easy – your search is being watched by evil spirits who will try to trick and scare you. You'll need to be brave to find the masks, but if you do, the shopkeeper will let you pick an amazing gift from his prize room!

The shopkeeper has also called upon friendly ghosts who have seen where the masks have been hidden and can help you on your hunt. They have stashed a surprise and clues to the masks locations inside Tricky Treats. Grab a candy bucket from the Masks of Mystery shop and prowl the streets collecting the treats scattered all over the Gay Riviera! Will you fill your bucket and collect all the clues and surprises?

And, if the hunt and its prizes aren't enough spooky fun, get yourself out to the Haunted Masquerade Ball & Beefcake 2012 Halloween Preview Party

Join all your spooky fiends at a grand Masquerade Party in the graveyard as the demonic DJ Zann spins some macabre tunes to rattle your bones! Dress up in your favorite scary or sexy Halloween costume and win fabulous prizes! Beefcake will be there unveiling their new lineup of arousing and provocative costumes for 2012, so you don’t want to miss it!

The Gay Riviera is always a great place to find treats, and the occasional trick!

Mask of Mystery Prizes Provided By: BEEFCAKE, Lazybum, Vice, Pillow Biters, K!ng, Dirty, Viper Gallery, Sophie's Choice, Alryx and T'eeze!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Demon Couture from CHAMPAGNE

Enzo Champagne is BACK, showing the world that his boundless spirit & amazing creativity cannot be stopped!

If ever there was sexy and deliciously wicked couture, this is it!  For both the boys and the girls, EVIL is an eye-popping, fun, and spicy way to celebrate Halloween by CHAMPAGNE Sparkling Fashion! The outfit is styled with eye makeup from Madrid Solo

Use your imagination to style this outfit and make it your own, just as Bastien Berboral creates his own fabulous look shown below. 

We're Getting Ready, Are You?

The party's starting in less than 3 hours. Here's the number to the limo service when the doors open: See you there.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

daPerfect Monday Party

Click it for readability.
Join us on Monday, October 8th from 4-8pm SLT as we help daClub and daPier kick off their October-long ACT-Oberfest, a series of events to raise funds the AIDS Committee of Toronto. The kickoff will include four hours of great music from DJs Johny A, Rik Nayar, mikedacook Dinzeo, and Ryder Yowman. Throughout the event prizes from Blue Balls and ABD will be won. There will also be auctions for great products with proceeds going to this worthwhile charity. Stay tuned because your ride will be available here and inworld through DJ and Community groups.

Fundraising Information

The AIDS Committee of Toronto is an organization providing support and assistance to those living with HIV/AIDS or at high risk for HIV/AIDS while providing information and education to help prevent the spread of the virus. Chaz Macarthur of Blue Balls has worked with ACT to bring their presence to Second Life. The charity maintains a Second Life avatar to place fundraising bins, ensuring that donations go directly to the avatar without passing through the hands of a middle-man. 100% of all tips to daClub and daPier ACT-Oberfest kickoff staff will be donated to this very worthwhile cause.

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Unreal Loss of Real Talent

Enzo Champagne

Update: Enzo has returned to Second Life.

In Second Life, as in real life, anyone can fall victim to criminal acts. In SL, we depend on Linden Labs to mediate our disputes when it comes to frauds, theft, or scams. As we've seen recently, the Linden Gods often drop the ball when we don't have paid accounts. But this would never, ever happen to a big name, right? Wrong.

Enzo Champagne, creator of CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture and a supporter of the LGBT community, found himself subject to fraudulent use of his account by hackers, who took his Linden balance and accessed his Paypal, spending the funds at one Second Life business. Upon learning of the fraud, Enzo reported the incident with transactions to Linden Labs, allowing them to see who the thieves were. The following day, the Second Life business returned Enzo's stolen funds and Paypal returned the funds in accordance with Paypal fraud policy. Enzo alerted Linden Labs that the funds had been returned but that they should pursue the thieves. As is normal, his account was blocked while Linden Labs investigated the fraudulent transactions. To Enzo's surprise, he was informed that his account would be permanently terminated with no other reason given then that he had "violated the terms of the TOS." Enzo's appeal was lost and his only hope is the efforts of someone trying to get LL to review his case again.

Enzo is a truly talented designer, a stunning photographer, and a kind, generous man. The loss of his contributions to SL will be a pain we'll for quite some time. If we're lucky, he'll find his way back to us, and find a way to bless us with his incredible talents once again.

Various sit-ins are occurring in Second Life in an effort to get the message to the Lindens that Enzo's account should be reinstated, and it should. However, we are aware that this has happened to many who don't have Enzo's visibility, as well, and stand behind Carilynn O'Hare and Ponchtuti Boucher's efforts to create a petition drawing attention to the errors in Linden Lab's governance system that would allow a known griefer and copybotter to thrive and maintain a store with copybotted items on Marketplace, while permabanning victims of Second Life crime. We will keep you informed of information regarding the petition as it becomes available.