Advertising, Ad Design and Logo Design

Blog Advertising

Blithe SL Magazine blog advertising is an effective and economical means of reaching a variety of potential clients each day. With interesting, reliable blog posts being released nearly every other day, each one containing high quality images and engaging writing, that encourage readers to scroll down the page. We are included in several blog feeds including Chic Critique, Fashion Feed of SL, Haute Mess and more. Our blog is syndicated to social networks including Twitter and Facebook and personally shared on Flickr and Plurk. In short, advertising on our blog gets your ad seen.

We offer three blog advertising packages. All ads come in a standard 175x175 square size with either a SLURL or website link option. Pricing variations are determined by placement on the blog as follows:

Top third placement
Middle third placement
Bottom third placement

Please contact Merrick Genesis for ad pricing and purchases.

Magazine Advertising

Thank you for your interest in advertising with Blithe SL. We've grown faster than we could imagine and have a reader base that includes not only gay men, but their supporters from every walk of life. It's a thrill to see our work reach so many people and make an impact on individuals who are learning from our content and gaining new knowledge of the many designers who are available to help enrich their Second Lives.

We do incur expenses as part of the publication process and we appreciate your interest in helping us offset costs as we advertise your product or service to our readers. If you'd like to learn more about the many benefits of advertising with Blithe SL, please contact Merrick Genesis or Case Euler for an appointment. We can outline how our magazine can help your business and help you put together a package that will provide the greatest benefit for you.

Our advertising packages are designed to help you stretch your marketing budget:

Inside front cover double page.
Premium first 20 ad pages in single and double pages.
Advertising pages following first 20 in single and double pages.

Please contact Merrick Genesis or Case Euler for rates and ad purchases.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and look forward to creating a powerful relationship to help your company continue to succeed.


Logo and Advertisement Design

Don't have a proper advertisement for Blithe SL? We can help you. Contact Merrick Genesis for an appointment. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Logo designs include high res color, black on white, white on black, and transparent copies emailed to you to preserve clarity. We will create three logos and share them with you with limited permissions then discuss likes and dislikes for each design. From there, we will create your final design. Advertisements will consist of two designs, shared inworld, with limited permissions so you have the opportunity to choose elements you like and dislike. The final advertisement will be emailed to you. Our prices are below other rates in Second Life with the same high quality.

Advertisement Design:

Please contact Merrick Genesis for rates.

Logo Design: