Friday, April 20, 2012

Furniture with a Cheeky Side

Attractive furniture with masculine touches.
I love Cheeky Pea. From the minute I received my first piece from the store in a hunt, I found myself mesmerized by the shapes, textures and arrangements. Not only are the offerings high-quality, they often provide details that appeal to more masculine tastes-something that is all too often missing from other furniture designs. The Holystone set above includes oars, plant, lamps, old-school phone, end tables, coffee table, rug, sofa and chair. The photo arrangement includes photos from the original hunt set that began my addiction to the store.
A jungle theme!
When Blithe SL Magazine began creating an office space, I chose Cheeky Pea for furniture so our guests would have comfortable seating and an aesthetic view. The variety of spaces allowed a variety of themes in the office, so I got to play with Cheeky Pea's many styles. The above arrangement, the Savannah Set, provides a mini-safari as our visitors curl up with a copy of the Jungle Book.

And the lag! OMG the lag! I have nightmares about it!
For the time being, the Blithe SL Magazine office space is on a sim where I don't have the ability to change the stream. The music choices provided consist of The Beatles' White Album (definitely not horrible) and a variety of songs that stem from inside jokes (including a lovely number titled "Giant Bag of Poo"). Yesterday as I was building the office, Case and I were discussing the stream and guests and I mentioned that the stream could drive our guests insane, then we could charge for pseudo-therapy. I died laughing when, during my trip to Cheeky Pea, I stumbled across "Lamenting Lainy's Chaise." Based on my conversation with Case, it was a must have. It has six misery animations and the tissue box dispenses wearable tissues. Perfect for our planned quackery.

If you need some furniture to spice up your home, store or office, Cheeky Pea is definitely one of the first places you should visit. Not only does the store include a variety of both mesh and prim furniture, they have a both outdoor and indoor items. You definitely won't be disappointed by the quality or the selection.

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