Saturday, April 14, 2012

Noob Beautiful

Older Second Life residents still cringe when they recall how they looked when they first arrived on the grid, with bad hair, clothes that looked like they were applied with a paintbrush, and the ubiquitous duck walk.
And this isn't even the worst of the early appearances.

The current crop of new avatars, while a great improvement on those of the olden times, still leave a bit to be desired.
Better hair, better clothes, still the duck walk.
To help new Second Lifers establish their own look (and perhaps to beautify the landscape for the rest of us), Casa CheerNo is offering two brand new complete avatars for players less than 30 days old. The  kits include clothing, hair, footwear, shape, and one of CheerNo's hot male skins.

One is a youthful and sporty blonde guy called Junior, clad in a white singlet, black gym shorts, high boots and a pretty impressive gold chain.

The other is a sexy DJ named Lex, complete with a puffy orange jacket and headphones.
Both are a serious improvement on what new avatars start out with, and they are only available for avs younger than 30 days, so take your newbie friends by the hand and lead them directly to CheerNo for their first makeover. Though they'll still have a duck walk, at least they'll look hot while waddling.

The CheerNo avs were photographed at the sexy Pallas Gay Gym and Sauna. The gym is well-appointed with lockers, work-out equipment, a pool, dance balls, and a lounge area. The friendly owner Boone Walker mentioned that he sometimes hosts spontaneous dance parties for the men working out, so drop by some time and see if you don't get lucky.

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  1. Wow those two noobs are pretty hottt. Almost makes me wanna be a noob again. Hey I said ALMOST lol