Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Great Gift Grey Skin

"You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone! "

The skin comes with a bald base, but is shown here with Entente hair & hairbase.

With the immortal words of The Twilight Zone we invite you to journey with us back to a time before Technicolor and HDTV. To commemorate the launch of the next issue of Blithe SL Magazine on August 1, 2012 from 5 - 7 PM SLT, Blue Balls is sponsoring a Black & White theme party to mimic televisions of yore, to benefit the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT).

The lightly muscled physique and beautifully contoured facial features of the skin will compliment any shape.

To assist you in getting into the spirit of fun we are offering grayscale skins & eyes from VerseEye as our complimentary FREE GIFT to you. Grab yours and style with any graytone clothing that suits your fancy, and help us celebrate a worthy cause!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Aqua Lounge FunPlex

The fa├žade of the AquA Lounge reflects the wet and wild interior of the club. 

The AquA Lounge
A Place to Be Yourself

Since its inception as a party on the front lawn of Insyx Piranha’s Second Life home at Cockwood Manor on February 22, 2007, The AquA Lounge has maintained a welcoming philosophy of good times and great music in a grand atmosphere that is focused on fun. While the club is located in the heart of the Gay Archipelago, all are welcome and do not have to be gay or lesbian; you simply have to Be Yourself.

As a host at the AquA Lounge myself, I am intimately acquainted with the friendly etiquette that we offer to each of our club-going visitors. I have found that this affable attitude begins with Insyx as the club owner who sets the tone to make each person feel like part of the family. Insyx believes that if “we greet you with a smile (and a sexy body or two), some of the stress of real life may be washed away to help you smile and laugh a little.” 

As host of the AquA Lounge I get to meet lots of sexy people who love to dance to great music.

The club inhabits a quarter sim once known as Gayllywood, which was renamed Friendship when the owner Sascha Laval converted it to adult status. Its new name reflects the inviting mind-set of the many entities who share the space. Insyx explains that the Friendship sim is an extension of Flad Dagostino’s Gay Zone Germany which includes Badehaus (a gay bathhouse), ArseNAL club, and is adjacent to Gay Fun World sim.

The residences at AquA extend into Gay Fun World, thanks to Oiswiss DeCuir’s building “that area to flow seamlessly into the AquA Lounge FunPlex and Resorts”, says Insyx. The townhomes have an intimate metropolitan feel in the heart of Friendship and Gay Fun World sims, and are within walking distance of the clubs and a wide array of fabulous shopping.  On the opposite side of the AquA Lounge, charming beach houses line the tranquil shores that are part of Gay Zone Germany.

The Residences at Aqua offer resort style living within walking distance of shopping & nightlife.

The club is surrounded by a mall brimming with a variety of shops that is anchored by Cockwood Designz, which features clothing created by Insyx and his long-time partner Mountainbear Botanical. Many of Cockwood Designz include sexy separates that look great under the strobe lights in the club, as well as urban chic ensembles for a sophisticated gatherings with your friends. Be on the lookout for new designs that are on the horizon.

The shopping mall surrounding The AquA Lounge offers o wide array of hot shops.

 One of the most striking aspects of The Aqua Lounge is the architecture and interior design of the club, as well as the consistent style of the sim as a whole. Insyx built the club to reflect his affinity for water and the color blue, and explains that “each incarnation of AquA has had some modern or futuristic aspects to it.” The latest embodiment on the sim is a multiuse structure known as The Liquid Lounge, which has an amazing pool with a floor that rises to become a dance floor for special events. These architectural elements provide a stimulating backdrop for a musical experience that is second to none in Second Life.

Splash to the awesome tunes of DJ Romeo at AquA’s Liquid Lounge  every Sunday at 3PM SLT.

 One of the keys to a successful club is great music. As such, The Aqua Lounge not only boasts some of the most highly respected DJs and guest DJs on the grid, but also plays host to a phenomenal multi-DJ event known as “DJ World”. While Insyx would enjoy sponsoring events around the clock, he makes up for this infeasibility by generously offering the use of his group Best Buds to DJs and hosts to send notices for events so that members of the AquA Lounge family can experience fun musical events at clubs all over SL. Insyx explains that even “if you can't make a Friday night to hear Vaan or Sasch; or a Tuesday night to hear Kaj, then at least you will get a notice from those folks when they play at a different time someplace else.”

It was Insyx’s enduring love of music that inspired him to become a DJ himself, and provided the initial impetus for the genesis of The AquA Lounge. As a DJ who spins at a myriad of clubs and who has been consistently voted Best DJ by the SL community, Insyx Piranha has had the opportunity to expose the clubber to cutting edge sounds at a variety of venues. Insyx finds that “each club brings a unique experience and is happy that The AquA Lounge is in good company with other cool clubs in SL.”

Club owner & DJ Insyx Piranha invites you to party at The AquA Lounge.

The AquA Lounge Funplex is a wonderful place to live, play, dance, shop, and to meet friendly people. Keep up-to-date by following Insyx at http://djinsyx.blogspot.com/ and the AquA Lounge at http://aqualounge.ga-weblog.com/. Be sure to drop by sometime to experience the warm welcome and good times. And above all, always remember the AquA Lounge mantra, “Just Be Yourself.”

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Blithe SL Magazine, in conjunction with Blue Balls, Malaika Park Sims, Hedonism, Pillow Biters, and VerseEye, is proud to present a very special fundraising event for the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT) on August 1st from 5-7pm SLT. As we release our August sex issue, we invite you to travel with us back to a time when television couples slept in separate twin beds (with a nightstand between them!), showing skin was taboo, and to mention the word "sex" was enough to send Aunt Edna into a fit of hysterics.

To fit with our very special theme, please eliminate all color from your avatar. We will provide grayscale skins and eyes from VerseEye to give you a head start, however, if you wish to add individuality to your style a variety of skin designers offer gray skins. Wear these with black, white or gray clothing and watch your avatar travel back through the decades to tell Lucy she's got some 'splainin' to do. Style for any television show from Leave it to Beaver to American Bandstand for a chance to win our contest, featuring amazing prizes from Blue Balls. With DJ Nash spinning for us, this is definitely one event you don't want to miss.

Please Stay Tuned. Landmark to follow.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Exciting Entertainment at Hope for Emilia

If you're looking for something other than the standard club entertainment to add a spark to your Second Life, MiM is sure to give you a thrill. This dance troupe, featuring some of SL's hottest top models, brings stunning choreography designed specifically to fit with the music. From burlesque to street dancing, this group provides a show filled with variety. You won't want to miss their exciting event, "B-Steps!", tomorrow, July 28 at noon SLT at the Hope for Emilia sim.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Do Not Be Alarmed

In the event of an actual emergency, you will be instructed where to tune in for news and official information.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

We have a secret

Let me tease you.
We repeat: There is nothing wrong with your television set: You are about to participate in a great adventure.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hope for Emilia

“Rebuilding Lives, Restoring Hope”
As most of the world knows, the northern region of Italy was hit by devastating earthquakes during the last several months. The first earthquake in May and the aftershocks following killed 26 people and left thousand homeless and living in tents. The Emilia-Romagna region has seen the destruction of schools and elimination of workplaces in addition to the homelessness now plaguing the region. 

Anna Sapphire has founded Hope for Emilia, an exciting fundraising event that will take place from July 22 to August 9, 2012 with 100% of funds raised being donated to the Emilia-Romagna region's reconstruction efforts through the bank account opened by Emilia-Romagna region. All information regarding Hope for Emilia can be found on the Hope for Emilia website. The event will feature a fashion fair, fashion shows, entertainment, an art expo, and an exciting closing party.

The beauty of Second Life is our ability to connect without borders and Blithe SL Magazine shares concern for our fellow humans across the globe, even though we're stationed thousands of miles away. We're grateful to be able to sponsor this worthy cause and encourage our readers to help make a real difference for those in Italy who lost so much. We will continue to share information regarding the fundraiser here, so please be sure to follow us or join our group to stay informed about this important cause.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

To See and Be Seen

I've worn glasses in SL for so long that I barely recognize my own av without them. I collect different pairs, some conservative, some more elaborate. I picked up a new pair today from Mr. Poet, one of my favourite shops; I have no idea if they're new or if they've been available for ages, I just liked how they look. The half-rim style is one of my personal favourites, and, like everything else at Mr. Poet, these are very well-made and beautifully detailed.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gay Archipelago Summerfest, 2012, "Myth and Magic"

Cartoon from the Summerfest Guide Book
Gay Archipelago is happy to announce its fifth year as a community leader, bringing the best in LGBTQ community living to Second Life with this year's Summerfest in a stunning Myth and Magic theme. The event is also dedicated to memory of Fabrice Snook's dreams from five years and the Pride the Gay Archipelago holds throughout the year. The exciting event is open from July 12th to July 15th with varying performances, 7Seas Fishing, The Chimera Tavern Gaming Area, MarketFair (with vendors offering high quality gifts), and Summerfest parties. The talented Othon Weiland has created a beautiful guidebook available inworld (if you've missed it, IM me for a copy...I'll be happy to share) and information is available on the Gay Archiplago blog. Be sure to mark the event on your calendars so you don't miss the fun!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Five Days Left to Stand4Love

Just a reminder that there are 5 days left for you to take a stand for love. To participate in this awareness campaign, just take a photo of your avatar with a plain background, include a Stand4Love logo and your message of support, and upload the photo to the Stand4Love Flickr group. Feel free to tag Editorial Clarity or RicoRacer Flux in your photo so they'll know you're participating. If you lack photographic skills, there is a list of photographers who have donated their time to do photos for the cause, free of charge (under the "Promoters" heading with photographer listed after their names). This campaign supporting marriage rights regardless of gender has seen an outpouring of participation from all orientations, supporting the basic right of everyone to love and celebrate that love equally. It's just waiting for you to add your voice.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blithe SL Magazine Fundraising Sponsorship Policy

In Second Life, as in real life, it seems there's always someone looking for some Linden help, from the beggar in that group IM asking for 100 Lindens to organized fundraisers. In order to ensure that Blithe SL Magazine is guiding the goodwill of its readers to fundraising efforts that will create strong, positive change in the world, we have created a fundraising sponsorship policy that is available on our blog. Much of this policy is based on real world charity monitoring standards. Please check out the policy at http://blithesl.blogspot.com/p/fundraising-sponsorship-policy.html for more information.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Sometimes, I just like to plug a random word into Second Life Search and see what turns up. The word in my mind today was "sleepless" and it yielded some surprisingly good results.

I narrowed the results to Places, and the first place I landed was in the middle of the TonkTastic store, in the heart of the Sleepless sim. I've known of TonkTastic for a long time (the now-defunct landmark I have for it dates back to 2008) but the shop had somewhat fallen off my radar. The richly detailed "Legend" flight jacket and the rigged mesh Gumboots that I landed in front of made me glad that TonkTastic is back on my agenda.

I resisted the lure of the boots (though many Lindens will undoubtedly be spent here soon) and selected the next promising location in the Search results.

Which was somebody's house. Not wanting to be caught trespassing, I hurried on, but not before peeking in the open windows. The inhabitants may be low on furnishings but they are high on mushy family photos, which made me smile.

The next hit I clicked on was Sleepless Nights, and the view I saw when I landed would make staying awake worthwhile.

This looks like art. It's actually a shop. I followed the line of falling down power lines to the Fiction & Chaos store which boasts a selection of women's and men's clothes and hair in the punk/neko/goth/rave styles. Wandering through it, I happened on the main store of House of Usher and admired the carefully crafted gothic furniture that would be at home in any remote and foggy palace.

The last destination I selected was a sim called SleeplessMUSIC. It also happens to be the main store of Connors Clothing.

I had heard of Connors but it's not very familiar to me, so I lingered briefly, checking out the casual styles for men and women and made another note to spend some more time (and money) here later.

At this point, I ran out of sleepless locations and time to visit them. I headed back home, pleased with my discovery of some new and new-again places and secure in the knowledge that shopping is the cure for insomnia.