Sunday, April 15, 2012

Seven Nights, Seven Clubs - I'll take 2!

Sunset beauties shakin' daPier
This installment of Seven Nights, Seven Clubs sent me on a mad scurry, as there were two venues and events I wanted to see, document, and mention.   Never one to shy away from a dedicated "pub crawl", off I went on Friday night to the grand opening of what I think's gonna be a stand-out club destination.  mikedacook Dinzeo and Robin Kanya launched their "daPier" venue Friday evening, to an excellent turnout, and I was thrilled to be one of the first to snapshot the new build and bring you, the Blithe readership, a peek at a really stunning new club.
mikeDaCook Dinzeo and Robin Kanya's "daPier"

"daPier" is just that, a coastal pier, sheltered by a large sailcloth awning, and accessed via a stairway down to the coastal shelf upon which it's situated, in a style reminiscent of resort living on North America's eastern seaboard.  mikedacook's "Jersey Shore" origins are evident in a stunning build by Ryder Yowman on a bit of Sanctuary Group's land named "daParcel".

mikedacook's great dance music once again did not disappoint, and the event was well attended by a plethora of stylish and easy-on-the-eyes guys and gals.  I've been following mikey's sets here and there, and it was truly a joy to see mike and Robin enjoying a "home" club of their own, especially one so welcoming, well built and decorated, and "user friendly" as this place is.  Ryder Yowman's building and design skills are evident throughout, and the "ambiance" of this stunning new dance venue holds great promise.

"daClubhouse" high above "daPier"
On a promontory high above daPier, sits "daClubhouse", with outdoor seating overlooking the club below, and a beautifully constructed stairway down to the daPier's beachfront dance area.  Hints are already flying about more activities and events centered in "daParcel", and I can't wait to see what mikey and Robin have in store for us!

mikedaCook Dinzeo servin' up the ear candy!
If you haven't joined mikedacook's group, "indaMix", now's the time... you won't wanna miss future events at this new destination, and even a quick stop during a busy day at this relaxing, stunningly-decorated parcel is warranted, it's coastal beauty at its best, and a marvelous place just to chill and look around, as I'm doing while writing this little piece.  This place is "daBomb!"

Undies at Aqua Lounge!

Next on my itinerary for Friday evening was a stop at Aqua Lounge for Sasch Petrov's set, and a "sexy in underwear" event.  Underwear is outerwear to me, I'm almost always in some state of "undress", and love a tight body in jockeys or boxers, thong or speedo... hey, it's SL, and we don't have to dress head to toe to jump out for a wiggle or a quick trip to the store, now, do we?
Aqua Lounge is a Second Life institution, one of the longest running clubs around, and InsyX Pirhana's sweet little club is deserving of attention as one of the most fun and consistently worthwhile destinations out there.  I'm particularly fond of "Alternative Tuesdays" at Aqua Lounge, featuring the DJ stylings and alternative rock selections of Kaj Juutilainen, one of Second Life's best and brightest (not to mention cutest) purveyors of ear candy for the masses.

RIP, Dear HurtfulSplash, we miss you!
Friday's underwear event was well attended, as are most of Sasch Petrov's gigs.  Sasch has been a friend of mine for years, now, and I love his dance beats and quirky, hilarious, and sexy voice-overs and sound-effect snippets.  The crew at Aqua are professional, responsive, and interactive with the attendees, making for a fun couple of hours at any of their events.

On a more somber note, I was pleased, while at Aqua Lounge, to discover a memorial high on the back wall of the club to a sweet friend who recently succumbed to the stresses of real life and chose to leave us.  I'm referring to HurtfulSplash Solis, a studly and romantic 30-something man who I counted as a good friend and occasional SLover, and who left us way too soon, on February 24th, 2012.  Hurtful was a sweet guy, friendly and open and sexy, fond of hosting and 'working a room' at events and clubs, and the loss of his long-haired, rough-around-the-edges, hippie-biker presence at my usual haunts led me to inquire about him, and discover his RL demise as sad, sad news of yet another soul lost to the ravages of depression and isolation that so frequently accompanies life as a gay male in the modern world.

Depression touches way too many lives in this competitive and sometimes overwhelming world, and we in the LGBT community are already handicapped in some ways by society's marginalization of our way of life.  If you're gay, you no doubt know someone who "feels" life a little more deeply, takes things just a bit harder than most, or is buffeted by the winds of fortune in ways that "normal" people perhaps can just ignore... don't ever miss the opportunity to reach out, to comfort, to inquire in a loving way.  It's so much easier than regretting afterwards, that in your busy first- or Second-Life, you missed that opportunity, and now someone you treasured is gone forever, beyond your love's reach.  Rest in peace, Hurtfulsplash, you are SO missed!

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