Friday, April 6, 2012

SL Drag Race

There's a lot of variety in SL for gay men: there are clubs, beaches, bath houses, and whole residential communities, far more locations than you'd find in any large RL city. There is, however, a distinct lack of at least one aspect of gay life in SL: drag queens.  I love drag queens: the first gay people I ever knew were drag queens, and I've always regarded them with a mixture of awe and fear. Their relative absence in SL has always been a bit of mystery to me.

Happily, Francois Muircastle has seen his way clear to correct that deficit by organizing the first SL Drag Race. Based on the reality TV show hosted by Ru Paul, contestants will compete for the top prize as decided by a panel of judges. The results will be recorded and will be viewable at

Francois is seeking sponsors for prizes and contestants to audition, so get in touch with him in-world or visit the SL Drag Race website for more information. Do you have what it takes to be Second Life's top drag queen?

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