Friday, March 30, 2012

Springtime at the Parish

After months of being extremely busy, I suddenly found myself with nothing to do last night. I stared at the almost finished issue of Blithe SL Magazine, wandered around kicking a few stones, and pestered a few friends with cries of "I'M BOOOOORRRED!" Finally, it dawned on me: I hadn't fully explored Menswear Fashion Week. Excited and ready to do my part to help the Second Life economy, I tped over and wandered the stores. Honestly, if you haven't been to Menswear Fashion Week yet, you need to go. It is full of the best designers for men.

I've been searching for new spring-wear as warmer weather approaches. It's been difficult to find as designers hold on to the winter styles, but at Menswear Fashion Week, I discovered what I'd been looking for.
An open shirt says, "Bring on the sun."

My first find was a light hairstyle from Dura. Boys&Girls*31 is a lightweight, layered cut that keeps the neck bare and cool. Second, I stumbled across E-Clipse. These jeans called my name and I willingly handed over my Lindens for them. It was such a pleasure to find out that not only did the package include perfectly textured jeans, it also included capris! Finally, I found this open front shirt from Mashooka. The shirt's short sleeves and chest-baring sculpted prim make this a refreshing wardrobe addition as the weather grows warmer.

Ready to show off my finds, I took a trip over to Hutchinson Parish. After wandering the streets, lined with gorgeous trees and beautifully constructed shops, I stopped to rest, taking this photo. If you haven't been to the Parish, it's worth the trip. Stop by and explore, and if you fall in love with it, check out the available residential and light commercial rentals.

Spring is teasing us, but in SL we can have the warm weather all we want. Throw on some short sleeves, turn on the sun and go exploring a bright sim. It's the perfect way to forget the gloom of winter.

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