Wednesday, March 7, 2012

These are a few of my favourite things

There’s lots to love about SL, and I love lots about it. But some of the things I love best are small things or silly things or run-of-the-mill things that don’t really seem fantastic on the surface. This is the first of a semi-regular series on Case’s Random Likes.

1. The crate at Hubs’

If there’s not a dent in this crate the shape of my pixel ass, well, there ought to be. I’ve spent hours in this spot, in IMs with friends who are off doing what they’re doing, organizing my inventory, or just reading the profiles of others as they drop in at the landing point in front of me. It’s the perfect location in a cruisey place: within chat range of the action on the pier, but not quite involved in it, near enough to seem approachable without being too obviously interested, and right across from the landing point so you see everyone as they arrive. I’ve met some of the best men in my SL seated in this very spot, interesting, intelligent people who charmed and challenged and impressed me. Places come and go quickly in SL; your favourite spot could be there one day and gone the next, with no forwarding address. Maybe it’s that precariousness that makes them, and the memories they hold, so special. 

Best seat in the house.

2. The couch bazooka

I know that there exists an arsenal of elaborate weapons in SL. There are machine guns, revolvers, razor-edged knives, throwing stars, cross-bows, swords, paralysing darts, and spell-casting HUDs that can disable you six ways to Sunday. All of these, however, pale in comparison to the ferocity that is the couch bazooka. The very words couch bazooka make me smile; as soon as I start firing the thing, I break down laughing so hard that I can barely continue (giving my terrified enemies an opportunity to run for safety!). The couch bazooka fires not only sofas, but also office chairs and armchairs so you can pepper your prey with a variety of furniture, all of which disappears after littering the landscape for a minute or so. The very fact that the couch bazooka exists illustrates what is to me the best thing about SL: the utter silliness that people allow themselves to enjoy while there. Really, there’s not enough silly in most of our grown-up RLs, so the opportunity to fire off a few rounds of living room furniture is a great addition. 
Case's weapon strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies (once they stop laughing). 
It's only funny til you get hit with one! 
3. Rain

Places with inclement weather are rare in SL and that’s probably why I like them as much as I do. They’re a refreshing change from the endless sunny beaches and brightly lit gardens; sometimes the grey is just easier on the eyes. I love how the particle rain looks pelting down, I love the puddles that form, then fade, then form again, and I love that I can spend ages walking around in it without ruining my shoes or leather jacket.

Humming "Nine Million Rainy Days"

Hubs’ Gay Garage can be found at Cargo City

The couch bazooka was made by Livio Habercom, bless him. No way of knowing where I acquired it back in 2008, but IM me if you want a copy.

The rainy photo was taken at Our Dreams in the aptly named Rainy City sim.

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