Saturday, March 10, 2012

Styling InspiratioN

For as long as I've been in Second Life, I've heard the complaint, "There aren't enough good clothes for men here!" We all know that there enough male clothing designers creating attractive, quality items to ensure that we could never own ALL the clothes, but we can't help but feel a twinge of jealousy over everything that the girls have. After all, women get the majority of the hunts, what seems like millions of stores filled with clothes just for them, and accessories galore. The envy is unnecessary though. With a bit of adjustment and styling, clothes designed for females can be transformed into sexy dancing outfits.

Case in point: GizzA's Valentino InspiratioN outfit.

This feminine pant suit, the Valentino InspiratioN from GizzA, consists of glitch pants, lower leg attachments, upper leg attachments, two skirt attachments, an upper body layer and an upper body attachment. The attachments are combinations of stationary and flexi prims that create a perfect flow when dancing. Transforming the outfit into a sexy male style is a combination of removing a few prims from the outfit and finding other elements to compliment the pants.

Sexy and unique styling using GizzA's Valentino InspiratioN in beige.
Removing the "shirt" prims, leaving an exposed chest with piercings adds a very masculine element to this feminine outfit. The addition of horns creates a fantasy styling that is sure to set you apart from everyone else on the dance floor. The InspiratioN outfit from Gizza comes with resize scripts, making fit adjustment so much easier. 

Don't be afraid to search for outfit elements while out shopping. A little imagination combined with great accessories can greatly expand your fashion horizons. 

Outfit Shopping List

Horns: Material Squirrel - Ianthe Horns in pearl
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Orien Mesh Hair in seafoam
Lip Piercing: A:S:S DeLuxe - Cross My Heart, male
Necklace: A:S:S DeLuxe - Strangeland Necklace
Pants: GizzA - Valentino InspiratioN in beige
(not shown) Boots: A:S:S - Raptor Boots in black

Photo was taken at the Art Screamer sim, which is showcasing claudia222 Jewell's spirit installation, a breathtaking mesh experience, until the end of the month. Stay tuned for more information or check it out for yourself.

Thank you to Miss Virtual World finalist, Miss Mexico, skylei Caproni for modeling the GizzA Valentino InspiratioN in black for this post.

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