Saturday, March 24, 2012

Menswear Fashion Week 2012

All the best for men, all in one place? It's true. Stop by the Menswear Fashion Week sim and rest assured that every store you enter will cater to your male styling needs. Anything a man needs to fill his inventory has been gathered to make shopping a dream.

In addition to shopping, Menswear Fashion Week offers a variety of runway shows, demonstrating the designs of talented creators across the grid. Earlier, Aleida's runway show displayed the new male releases of a talented designer who has been creating gorgeous feminine fashion since 2009.

Aleida's designs brighten up the runway.
Orange isn't really a color that appeals to my fashion sensibilities, but the sexy Edmilson Blazer in orange by Aleida challenges my preconceptions; not only can orange be worn well, it's sexy.
The Aleida show provided a glimpse at a whole line of mixed meshed clothing. The store offers items in separates, making mixing and matching colors and styles simple. The variety of individual pieces means infinite styling possibilities. The line is fun and colorful; a perfect way to welcome spring. The new Aleida line can found on the Menswear Fashion Week sim or at their main store.

A bright red jacket and striped Popeye shirt complement each other perfectly.
Aleida is one of the many stores at Menswear Fashion Week, sharing the sim with RFyre, Gabriel, Egoisme,  Redgrave, LaVie and more. The event is an ideal way to check out what's happening with your favorite designers and find some shops you may not have heard of before. Stop by to check out what's happening in the world of male fashion.

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