Thursday, March 15, 2012

When Creativity and Mesh Mix

Mesh takes artistic expression to surreal new levels.
One of the best things in Second Life, in my opinion, is the expansive creativity that colors the grid. With only the tools provided by Linden Labs and impressive imaginations, creators bring us objects to enhance our world and beautiful sims to explore. An example of the creativity inworld is Art Screamer's "spirit", a sculptural installation viewable in SL now through the end of the month. Claudia222 Jewell is the mind behind this amazing, multi-faceted mesh exhibit, and says she only started working with 3D rendering in January of 2011.

A hooved torso gallops on dry ground.
Insects, seed pods, flies-- the inspirations Claudia222 draws from are varying, but her work all has a singular beauty. The use of texture is subtle and impressive- the mesh designs created are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Looking at the sculptures is like viewing a small chunk of the history of an alien species. You don’t know the language, you don’t know who is who, or which is what, but you can tell there is a story being told... a story that you walked in on several minutes after it started.

Alien landscaping makes the familiar strange.
The exhibit at Art Screamer is only up through the end of March- I strongly recommend going and taking a look at it while you have the opportunity! Photography can't do this amazing installation justice. Be sure to grab the free avatar gift Claudia222 has available at the landing point. While it is a female avatar, it's a creation you won't want to be without.

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