Friday, March 16, 2012

Mesh Baggies from Kal Rau

Kal Rau Baggies with Red Plaid Boxers
I have to admit that I'm not fond of baggies. I just don't like the fact that the style makes my legs look shorter and my torso longer. However, I do acknowledge that it is a popular style, loved by many, and even fashionable on avs shaped differently than mine. Despite my resistance to hop on the baggy wagon, I tried out Kal Rau's mesh baggy jeans and found myself quite pleased. Like Kal's other designs, these pants have amazing textures. They fit the baggy fashion, but don't drop down to the knees, making me look like I'm all torso and no legs. Yes, they work for me in ways other baggy jeans I've tried don't.

These jeans come in large, regular and skinny options with 3 different sizes each. Plaid and white boxer are included to add a nice layered look. The package includes belts in khaki, pink, red and yellow, providing color coordination options.

Be sure to check these jeans out. Kal keeps demos available so you can test sizes before buying, so make use of the option. Even if you aren't a fan of baggies, like me, you may find that these are a suitable addition to your wardrobe.

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