Monday, March 12, 2012

Fashion For Life: Time For A Cure

Fashion for Life (FFL) has arrived, uniting 200 designers on 10 sims for the purpose of raising money for Relay for Life. The event provides an opportunity for a variety of fashion designers to raise money for cancer research. Until March 20th, you're invited to explore the low lag sims, discover designers you may not be aware of and help a very worthy cause.

Unlike so many other events where the prospect of attending comes with the knowledge that there will be lag, FFL organizers have designed the sims with the intention of reducing lag. According to Harper Beresford, FFL lead, a great deal of thought went into keeping lag low so shoppers can enjoy the experience. Fundraising through sales works best when people can see what designers offer, so the attention to low lag sims was necessary to ensure that FFL exceeds its goal of L$5 million raised for cancer research. When I visited the sims, I was stunned that I could keep my graphics on ultra while shopping. That's an achievement.

Of course, I picked up some great items while exploring the many stores and gachas at the event. Between Lapointe & Bastchild, Styles of Edo, GizzA and House of RFyre, my Linden balance was at risk of a major reduction. My first purchase came from a gacha, of course. Amacci has beautiful eyes in a machine on the sim with L&B.

I haven't changed my eyes in years, but love these.
It took me 2 tries to get Amacci's InSight Mountain Eyes. These eyes reflect a beautiful mountain scene while giving an appearance of a beautiful brown and blue coloring combination from a distance. They're definitely worth a few gacha plays.

GizzA's male FFL offering is a stunning outfit, Lemonade Outfit for men. I was unsure of the yellow. It's bright and I don't wear the color. However, the style of this outfit was irresistible. The gorgeous jacket, beautifully textured jeans and matching boots make this an outfit I'll pull out of my closet frequently.

I hate it when my old truck breaks down in the rain.
These are just a couple of the many offers available at FFL and if you find something you can't live without, you have the added knowledge of knowing that your purchase is helping a very worthwhile cause. Be sure to check out the event before it ends on March 20th. It's an event you don't want to miss.

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