Sunday, March 25, 2012

Seven Nights, Seven Clubs - PluggedIn2

In this series I'll be discussing, photographing, and visiting seven SL club venues, and presenting here a few snapshots and discussions of those events.  Those who know me, know that I'm a pub-crawler of the first order, and try to make it to every new club or event in SL's active and vibrant gay community, to see and be seen at the hottest and most active party locations available.  I try to tip well, support the venues when I can, and I'm grateful for this opportunity to blog about, IMHO, the best of the best that's "out there".

PluggedIn2's amazing sky platform
Kharissa rockin' the wash tub!
On Saturday night, March 24, 2012, I once again joined the "late set" of clubbers at Xade Undamann and Kharissa Indigo's "PluggedIn2" at Gay Riviera, a late-night (10pm - 1am, SLT) event that's run for several weeks now, each time an ingenious "theme" applied, open to broad interpretation and providing an opportunity for inventive costumes and gadgets to be worn in competition for a Linden prize. Situated in the skies over Gay Riviera sim, the most striking feature of this venue is the club build, itself. I contacted Xade to get some photos of his build, and was stunned to find out that Kharissa and Xade build these fantastic creations to theme, each week, and only rezz them onsite the day of the event, a rather ingenious use of resources that makes the quality of the builds just that much more respectable.  Here's an image of the March 24th "Rubber Ducky" version of the build.  The week prior, the theme was "Pink Elephants", and every week a different theme results in yet another amazing build and expression of the decorative talents of Kharissa and Xade, who've come up with an amazing late-night venue to enjoy.

 Xade's inimitable DJ stylings, his "hard style" electronica, house, and dance music selections, along with Kharissa's well-known talents for hosting, welcoming, and chatting up the crowd, make PluggedIn2 a welcome refuge on a late Saturday night.  Indeed, the events tend to begin with sparse attendance, the club filling with more and more residents as the late hours progress and other venues come to an end.  Typically by 11pm the dance floor's packed with some of the SL gay community's hottest and "danciest", cavorting among the stunning decorations and lights.  The theme of "Rubber Ducky" found us cavorting in a
Xade duckin' it up!
huge puddle of Xade's self-crafted "low lag foam", a nice departure from typical foam parties, with avatars still visible, rather than covered to the chest level in textures.

Rubber Duckies of yellow and blue, bars of soap, and bubbles everywhere,  and naked and semi-naked beauties cavorting in outfits of bubbles, shoulder-pet rubber ducks, or whatever expression of "bath time" seemed like fun for them.

Mmm, scrub-a-dub!  Guess who?
The foam was thick, the guests were heating it up with hot outfits of soap bubbles and not a whole lot more... naked, slick bodies whirling beneath the lights, the pounding beats, all the elements of a great Saturday night party, with the added fun of a contest for best in theme, frequently loaded 'sploder, and great conversation, humor, and pure hedonistic fun.  If you've not made this a Saturday night destination, you've missed some really rockin' parties, and I suggest an extra cup of coffee and a late-night stop at Gay Riviera for this event!

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