Friday, February 3, 2012

Boots Beach Wiener Party and a SALE!

Blithe SL Magazine will be covering the return of Boots Beach in our first issue, due out April 1st, but I wanted to take this opportunity to let those who may not know about the rebirth that Boots Beach is back. This post will also serve to remind those who may have forgotten that, while sex isn't a Boots Beach thing (and never has been), dancing in the nude is perfectly acceptable. 

This morning, I logged in to DJ Spike Clemenceau's Wiener Party halftime notice. Worried that I'd missed the entire event, I checked the map and was thrilled to see several green dots at the beach. While I arrived late in the event, the party was still full of fun, conversation and partial to complete nudity. 

Attendees included DJ Spike Clemenceau; his partner, Onyx Baily; Boots Beach owner, Markus Csak; Misha Hellershanks; Imagine Portland; Carlos Bernstein; Lakpr Freck and more.

Boots Beach has many impromptu parties with a variety of DJs, so if you'd like to be notified of events, join the Boots Beach group or IM me for an invite.  

Before I forget, here's some unsolicited promotion for my favorite store in SL, Gabriel. As part of the Gabriel Winter Sale, you can expect to see 50-70% off several amazing items in the store. Gabriel has beautiful, high-quality clothing that will be sure to make you look fabulous, regardless of where your day takes you. Grab some Lindens and head over for a shopping spree. Gabriel is also in the Jack or Jill hunt (see sign in the left of the above photo) so be sure to look for the prize and grab the fantastic group gifts, too.

Written by Merrick Genesis

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