Sunday, February 26, 2012

Anypose Expression HUD

HUD offers options for Eye Control, Expression Control and Hand Control

As a Second Life photographer for several years, I've known the agony of eye control issues. While working with models, I was forced to use prims to direct eyes in proper directions. If I served at the model, I either had to bring on an alt to take the photos or use difficult camera tricks to try to avoid the dreaded crossed eyes.

This May Make For a Funny Grade School Pick, but Mom Won't Be Happy

The Anypose Expression HUD is a free HUD from the creators of the Anypose System, a pose stand system that allows pose and animation creation as well as pose adjustment (meaning the hand through the leg pose can become the hand resting casually on the leg pose). The free HUD offers a level of eye control that has been a Second Life need for ages. With the HUD, eyes can be positioned in 9 different positions that look natural and photograph well. The HUD also allows a photographer to adjust the eyes of a model, controlling his or her eyes, expressions and and hand positions (permission is required, so don't get any pranking ideas).

Corrected Eyes Look Natural

While this HUD is a lifesaver for photographers, it also has benefits for the vain among us. With the HUD, you can go about your Second Life without worry about eyeball positioning turning your avatar from the sexy stud he is into this:

Unless, of course, you choose to look like this by using the Second Life default expressions in the HUD.

The HUD also includes hand control, which allows you to choose from the Second Life hand positions, regardless of what your animations or poses think you should use. Check it out on Marketplace. It's more than worth the price.

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  1. Jesse BelavidoricoMarch 12, 2012 at 5:27 PM

    Who says the best things in life are not free?

    Believe it or not, this absolutely priceless AnyPose Hud, which I can personally attest is totally worth its weight in gold, is absolutely free! And as an avid SL photographer, I can personally attest to the fact that it is a tremendous time saver & amazing gadget which not only positions eyes, but also allows you to control facial expressions and hand positions!

    Correct eye positioning is an essential factor in the realism of an SL photograph. There is a common phenomenon in SL photography known as "Rolling Eyes" which is discussed in great detail on the Tips Page of the Kmadd blog:

    While Kmadd Tips goes into wonderful detail on the rather complex process to manually position your eyes, the fabulous and free AnyPose Hud can do this for you with a single click, thus allowing you to focus on lighting, styling, posing, backgrounds, and other more exciting aspects of photography without having to agonize over such mundane banality as eye positioning.

    The AnyPose Hud can be found here: