Thursday, February 9, 2012


What's a Gacha? Well, a picture's worth a thousand words:

When I was 4, this in RL plus a quarter was the ONLY reason to go to the grocery store.

When I see one of these in Second Life, I feel like a kid at the front of the grocery store,  rich with a WHOLE QUARTER and just hoping that the gumball that pops out will be a green one. Really. These machines do weird things to me. I feed them with a compulsiveness that even outranks my sploder compulsiveness. I love Gacha's. 

Why do I love Gachas? Well, another picture's worth another thousand words:

I found myself at Cracked Mirror tonight while I wandered SL in search of a blog subject. Something about that name has drawn me to the store before, but I apparently didn't see the beautiful machine parked near the front window the first time. This time, though...this time the Gacha's siren call drew me in, not that I'm complaining. I fed the machine my 50 Lindens and got this beautifully created tee with a design that feeds into countless Saturday night inside jokes. Even without Krinkles the Clown's mug (click with caution; we cannot be held responsible for link-related nightmares) as part of the design, this shirt is to die for. Okay, that's probably not the most ideal phrasing in a sentence involving Krinkles. The Gacha has a variety of shirts that may dispense when you insert your quarters and each is high-quality and unisex, so if clowns aren't your thing (and why would you have a CLOWN in your bed?) you have a chance of getting another cool design as well.

Because I'm feeling generous (and a bit sadistic), I'll cover a Gacha play at Cracked Mirror for the first 2 people who comment here with the correct phrase to fill in the blanks from Krinkles' pitch: The best breakfast _________________ is Post Sugar Rice Krinkles. Good Luck!

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