Friday, February 17, 2012

Aqua's Liquid Lounge Opens

The Liquid Lounge Pool Filled with Hotness.

As we shared earlier, the AquA Lounge celebrated its fifth anniversary today with parties throughout the day, keeping the club packed for hours. The celebration ended with the opening of the newly built Liquid Lounge, a gorgeous, wet build. DJ Kaj rocked the first hour of the party, followed by DJ Vaan.

InsyX Piranha dances on the diving board while the boys splash in the water.
The event was filled with fun, dancing and conversation as so many who have frequented AquA over the past five years arrived to enjoy the festivities. 

The Contest Board Displays Names of Participants
The opening party included a contest for the best in swimwear or skinny dipping with many hot participants competing for a piece of the L$2000 prize.

Another picture of sexy men in the pool, because you can never have enough photos of hot, wet men.
It is amazing to see a Second Life club hit such a huge milestone and Blithe SL is honored to be celebrating along side so many great people. We want to wish AquA many more years of Second Life success.


  1. Hey thanks for the write up. Love the pics also. Glad you had a blast. I know I did. Was an amazing night of fun. Huge

    1. Ty InsyX, it was great fun. And thank you for giving us such a wonderful venue to gather and have fun.