Thursday, February 16, 2012

Five Years of Aqua

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Contrary to what my rez date says, I'm ancient in SL terms. As I was saying at Boots Beach earlier, Karl Dorance and I came to SL at nearly the same time and I distinctly remember dinosaurs wandering the grid. It's hard to believe that nearly 6 years have passed since I was birthed from real life into the wonders of my second life, but it's also a thrill to look back at the friendships I've made and the places I've loved. Aqua is one of those places and the people who frequent it are among the great friends I've made over the years.

We're happy to help Aqua celebrate its fifth birthday with three days of parties and fun. Today was the Pre-Day Bash with DJ Sasch, which filled the club (and apparently melted down the grid since SL is apparently having some massive issues right now). Tomorrow Aqua will have hours of partying fun. Look for the Pre-Friday Bash with DJ Heloq starting at noon SLT and leading up to 4 hours of celebration with DJs Thorn, Sasch, Hotboy and Queen. And, as if that's not enough dancing (our avs are going to get a massive cardio workout tomorrow), the main celebration is followed by an after party and grand opening celebration of Liquid Lounge with DJs Kaj and Insyx. A best in swimwear or skinny dipping contest offers a prize of L$1000. Sunday's Anniversary Closing Party is sure to be a blast with DJ InsyX bringing us great tunes and fun.

The celebration will include spewing sploders, contests, and prizes, so be sure to stop by for hours of excitement and fun.

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