Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cockring! at Boots Beach

Dagon Harrison works on his "incarceration" build as Misha Hellershanks and mtd1952 Timeless look on.
A dozen people gather on a beach on a Saturday around an outsized piece of toast bearing the burnt outline of Christ and what ensues? Cockring! Perhaps better known as Primtionary, Cockring! is a game in which the player is given a word and must create a prim structure to communicate the word to the other players. The player who guesses the word first takes the next turn at building. 

Misha Hellershanks build a prim man for his "romance" build.
Saturday’s event was the inaugural Boots Beach edition of Cockring! and it was great to see a crowd filling up the beach. As might be expected with an audience composed largely of gay guys, the guesses quickly took a turn for the naughty. A player who produced a barred frame to represent the word “incarcerated” was inundated with suggestions of whose bedroom it might be. Of course, the words themselves tended towards naughty as well: a sculpture that initially elicited guess of “daisy” and “pollen” turned out to be “smegma.”  

Boots Beach owner, Markus Csak creates a penis for his "smegma" build.
Cockring!, named for a traditional joke guess made in the past by ahcapella Caldwell, provides building fun for novice to expert builders, with word difficulties ranging from easy to insane. Easy words include "orbit" and "panties" while insane words tend to deal with concepts such as "incarceration," "reputation," and "sarcastic." 

mtd Timeless's "fetish" build speaks for itself.
Cockring! is always good for a laugh and is poised to become a regular event at the new Boots Beach. Blithe SL’s own publisher Merrick Genesis hosted the evening, which in future will be sponsored by Blithe SL, so come on out next Saturday at 5pm SLT for the next edition.

Written by Case Euler


  1. This game was great fun, i cant wait to do it again. it would be better if everyone was naked though

    1. Well, you can always build naked. We won't stop you. :)