Thursday, June 28, 2012


Judging by the number of people in and out of the place while I was there, I'm the only person on the grid who hadn't heard of Mandala before this week. This is why I'm not in charge of the fashion blogging. But when Merrick got me a truly stunning necklace as a gift, I was inspired to check out the shop myself.

Mandala's Onigiri necklace in silver.

I was impressed by the creativity and attention to detail in the jewellery displayed, and also pleased that almost all the items had a male and female version available for purchase or were clearly marked as unisex. The jewellery was unique and intricate, and I gave in to the temptation of some accessories that are pretty far from my usual, though they may now become my usual.

Mandala Sinra2 Nail & Ring set, and Sinra2 Bracelet set, both in Samurai color.
The nail and ring set comes in four hands sizes, and different versions for nails only, rings only, complete (shown above) and simple (a less elaborate set of rings). Both the nail and ring set and the bracelet are easily made to fit with the resize script included, and can have full-bright turned on or off.

I'm not a great one for putting together accessories – I figure if I have my ring and a belt on, I'm doing pretty good (another reason why I don't do the fashion blogging) – so I was glad to find some that look impressive but don't require a lot of planning. Now that Mandala is on my radar, I can see myself returning regularly. The belts have already caught my eye.


  1. Great design work and very pretty, but sadly, virtually everything is No Copy, No Mod & No Transfer.

    That makes it a no buy for me, especially the No Mod, since resizers often fail. Nothing like the joy of dropping good money on something that won't fit.

    The other issue is that it is No Copy. What this means is even if the scripts can be deleted, the wearer won't since he can't change the size after that (Since he can only have one). If someone is wearing a lot of this jewelry, they become script and lag central.

    1. I guess I've been fortunate never to experience a resizer script failure; it didn't even occur to me that it could be a problem! I guess I should know that where there's technology, there are always problems. The No Copy isn't a deterrent for me personally, since I'm pretty committed to the one shape that I use, but I can see how it might inconvenience someone who changed his look regularly.

      I hadn't really thought about the scripts causing lag. That point concerned me, so I went home, put on all the jewellery and a belt that I'd bought and measured the script load. The device I used to measure assured me that the total scripts numbered 34 and the total memory 1656k. The device then congratulated me for having under 3mb of script "weight." While I wouldn't wear every single piece of the jewellery I own to a nightclub or other crowded event, I think for regular use they would be okay.