Sunday, June 3, 2012

Just Music... Two DJ's on one stream!

Just Music, 2 DJ's on 1 stream!
On Saturday, June 2nd, I had the pleasure of attending an awesome party at DJ Sasch Petrov's "BLUE ZONE" skyclub, where a unique collaborative DJ effort took place.   DJ Sascha Laval and DJ Sasch Petrov, together, sharing a single stream, and both spinning great tunes and announcing and interacting together at a single event.

I tried, unsuccessfully, to probe Sasch about the methods employed to perform this unique "duo" in SL, but he's remaining tight-lipped about the mechanics of the connection.  I may have to inquire again in a "pillow talk" situation... bitches do have their ways, lol!  He did reveal that the duo were in different physical locations, not in the same real-world room, so whether Skype or some other connectivity was employed, who knows?  The result was flawless, and a unique and exciting experience!

Despite the "secret recipe" remaining unrevealed, the party was a smash, and Sasch and Sascha turned out great dance hits, mashups, and vocal interludes, keeping the crowd entertained and sated with delicious ear-candy throughout.

Here's a few photos of the event, and if you missed it, I trust that Sasch, showman that he naturally is, will bless us again with a taste of twin-spin, at some future shows.
DJ Sascha Laval

DJ Sasch Petrov gettin' dancy
This was a fun event, the club venue large and comfortably lag-free, and the repartee between the two DJ's was an exciting addition to the usual dance club fare.

Two DJ's rockin' BLUE ZONE Skyclub!
Club life in SL just keeps improving in quality and scope, and I certainly look forward to more great parties and innovations from the growing, vibrant DJ population tickling our eardrums in-world!

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