Sunday, June 10, 2012

Make Your Noob Friend (or yourself) Hot (on a budget)

Ginger is just one of the options, too.
It's been a while since we've shared a way to look great without spending a lot of Lindens. However, October's Trending Fashion Center provides some options for men to look great on a budget. Simply join the group and search for treasures. Amid the dresses and skirts and blouses, Egoisme's Alessandro skin is available for just L$150 in three different tones. This skin isn't a new release, but with the sexy nipples, abs, and navel, it's a great upgrade from an older skin or a perfect skin for those just starting out in our virtual world.

Normally I'd crop differently, but isn't that shadow the stuff of nightmares? 
October's Trending Fashion Chamber also houses this hair, Smith, by [Atro Patena]. The pack includes a variety of colors from blonde to black. However, it doesn't include a hairbase. For this photo I've used Wasabi Pills's rouge hairbase with tattoo 4. The Wasabi Pills hairbase pack is a very worthwhile purchase at L$100 and you get cool designs with it. Can you really argue with that? Especially when Mr. Scary Shadow Guy is right behind you...mwahahahahaha!

(You see the theme here? October, Mr. Scary Shadow Guy, we just need a tree branch scraping on our window and we'd be set...this is all entirely accidental, but I like it).

The skin has legs, too!
To add to the sexiness of your new look, be sure to grab Vitamen's May/June gift if you don't have it already. This photo also shows the look of the Alessandro knees and thighs. I didn't bother to show the feet because we all know that SL feet are just as frightening as Mr. Scary Shadow Guy up there.

Be sure to check out the demos in the store for the Egoisme skin tones. You can try them on and see how various aspects work for you. Jump on over to October's Chamber and take a look around, and be sure to share this great find with anyone you know who may benefit from the chance to spruce up their avatar or just add more to their inventory (like inventory's as scary as Mr. Scary Shadow Guy, too).


  1. I see you were going for a ginger look with this one. don't forget the freckles, I got mine for 75 lindens from L.Fauna

    1. Thanks for the freckles. Always good to have the right accessories (and body parts) for the look you want.