Monday, June 11, 2012

Black & White Auction

Well-made goods are highly valued in SL, and designers who make beautiful things can become quite popular, which is great for them, but not always great for consumers, who may find half a dozen other guys wearing the same new jacket. The opportunity to own something completely unique is rare, so when it arises, and especially when it arises in support of a good cause, we should take notice.

The Black and White Auction in support of Second Pride opened today and runs until Sunday, June 17. The event offers an array of one-of-a-kind clothing, art, furniture and structures, all in the black-and-white theme.

The silent auction boards are set up in the plaza outside of [N] club and will be accepting bids until the culminating event — a live auction and black-and-white–themed party — on Sunday June 17 at 6pm SLT.  Bidding is easy: simply pay the vendor however much you'd like to spend on the item. If someone else comes along and enters a higher bid, your money is returned with a message informing that you've been outbid. You can then return to the vendor and pay again, raising your payment to above the current high bid.

Some items are reserved for Sunday's live auction, so be sure to return to the party to get your bid in. There will be dancing at [N] Club with music provided by SquirtN DJ so don't miss this chance to own a truly original creation while having a good time and supporting a good cause.


  1. Replies
    1. This is to help support Second Pride, Second Life's Pride celebration. You can find information at and in our June 1st issue at Financial reports are completely transparent and published on the Second Pride site here:

  2. Thanks for the fast reply. :-)

    OK, So Second pride collects the funds - and what are the funds to be spent on?

    Sponsorship fees, listed here:
    are absolutely astronomical by Sl standards. For example, at Fantasy Faire, the equivalent of the "Ambassador" (350 prims at FF) was less than 10KL. And the cause for FF is known well in advance. What is Second Pride in aid of? I'd expect that to be displayed very visibly on the Second Pride website, but it doesn't appear to be.

    1. I'll have to direct you to Doc Spad or Kharissa Indigo in regards to these questions as no one from Blithe SL is part of the Second Pride committee. They will be able to answer your questions properly.

    2. Point well made - thank you for the replies, appreciated. :-)