Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wrapping Paper: Hedo's Giordan

Gay men haven't earned the reputation of being fashionable by hiding in the safe shadows of any closet. As we've come out, we've brought the fab with us, using scarves, bags, and accessories to add flair to our outfits, rather than sticking to the safe and expected three-piece suit. In Second Life, however, gay men sometimes forget to seek out the individuality offered by a forum where we can wear wings and actually fly. Instead, we seek out a "three-piece suit" of a different type (and with just one piece): the jock strap.

I'm not saying that jock straps aren't sexy. They certainly are, which is why they've all but become the uniform of club-going gay men in SL. What I am saying is that clothing is like the wrapping paper that keeps our presents covered so that anticipation can build until that sweet day when we can rip the covering off and see what sweet gifts have been concealed inside. Revealing that gift is incredibly exciting when you've spent some time wondering about the specifics of its shape, size, and power. It's the joy of this anticipation that we want to bring to you with our Wrapping Paper series. Join us as we show you how adding clothing instead of taking it off to the bare jock strap minimum can make you sexier and more desirable than you ever imagined.

Our first installment of Wrapping Paper focuses on the sexy Hedo Fashion design, Giordan:

Don't blend in, stand out with straps, buckles, leather and feathers.
The photo above shows the components of Hedo's Giordan outfit (Hedo will featured in the June 1st issue of Blithe SL Magazine), including wrist buckles, shorts, belts, chest straps, shoulder pad, and collar. The pieces can be worn together or used for mix-and-match styling, making the outfit a great purchase if you're just starting to building your wardrobe.

Small details can make a big difference.
Well-made eyes aren't something that many people think about much, but a good pair of eyes completes an avatar. These eyes from Eternity have everything I look for in a pair of orbs: a good reflection, realistic color, shading below the top eyelids, and shadowing around the sides to provide an orb, rather than flat, appearance. One caveat with them: if your av looks down, you will appear to have black eyes. If you aren't someone who stares at your feet, however, these are gorgeous, clear eyes. A guyshadow from A:S:S provides further interest to this sexy outfit, making sure you won't be overlooked.

Ensure that your sexiness continues to your feet with torn fishnets and hot boots.
I knew I couldn't run around barefoot with my upper half so styled, so I pulled on my leather boots from Gabriel, a group gift that's still available at the front of the store, then searched Marketplace for some fishnets to pair with them. It was a very pleasant surprise to find these super sexy torn fishnets from Eve N Better for L$1. Even though these items were worn by a woman in the ad, they work well with the masculinity of the boots.

All wrapped up.
The overall effect will certainly stand out in a crowd of jock straps. It's unique and sexy and shows a lot of skin, but still hides enough to build anticipation. So, the next time you're tempted to resort to the Second Life "three-piece suit" and wear your nothing but your undies to look sexy, rethink your strategy and add some clothing instead of just taking it away.

Pose: Apple Spice - Casual Male 002

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