Friday, May 4, 2012

Culture Shock

One thing I've always loved about Second Life is the generosity of its members, so I'm thrilled to be able to share information about Culture Shock and A:S:S's participation in a very worthwhile charity. Culture Shock is raising funds for Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) for the second year in a row and features many talented designers who are offering gorgeous exclusives with 50-100% of the proceeds going to the charity. The event opens on May 4th at 4 pm SLT.

A:S:S Chevallier Rings in 5 Different Styles.
A:S:S (link not available until event opening) has created this stunning Chevallier Ring in 5 different styles (click the photo to see the amazing detail) as an exclusive 100% donation item. It includes a HUD that allows you to easily switch between the six textures:
A:S:S Chevallier Rings in 5 Different Colors/Textures
In addition to the amazing rings A:S:S is offering, they also have a stunning Farfalla pin with a 100% donation to charity:
The detail on this pin is simply outstanding.
The Farfalla pin looks perfect on the lapel of the Etienne outfit from A:S:S, offered at the event with 50% of the proceeds going to charity:
A beautiful and bold period piece.
In addition to A:S:S's unbelievable offerings, many other great designers will be at the event, raising funds for a very deserving charity. A list of all the designers taking part in the event is available here. For the ladies who read our blog, GizzA has some stunning gowns (I'm really tempted to throw one on and model it for you--they are that great). Tableau Vivant has created a stylish birdcage and table along with an avant garde mask and theatrical makeup. Many other designers have joined in, so don't miss the event. You'll not only be learning more about the many amazing creative minds in Second Life, and adding some fab to your wardrobe, you'll also be helping those in disease ridden countries find much needed treatment. 22769 ~ casual couture is also among the designers raising money for this cause.

Pose: Exposeur - Top Model Spring 2012 Catherine

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