Friday, May 18, 2012

Booshies at the Home & Garden Expo's Breedables Fair

Just look at those eyes!
I'm taking a second out of my day of Home & Garden Expo sneak peek fun to give you a special preview of the Booshies. We have the full story on these adorable not-just-breedables in our June 1st issue, but we just had to let you know that a special preview is available at the Breedables Fair which opens tomorrow. The critter you see above is a Felitera with a special skin. You can purchase the Booshitar from one of the RFL vendors.

Booshies are more than cute pets to breed for different skins. They're a game with battling opportunities, farming skills to build, and new species to discover (yes, as you breed, you can discover completely new species, not just new skins). Best of all, they follow a free to play model--no more worry about shelling out the Lindens to keep your pet alive. And, you can even interact with your pet outside of Second Life. Booshies aren't quite ready to play yet, but at the Breedables Fair you can pick up pre-release packets so when the creators are sure all the kinks are worked out you'll be among the first to have these adorable creatures.

Be sure to check out the June 1st issue of Blithe SL Magazine for more information about the Booshies and some stunning photos of the cute critters in their natural habitat of Booshtopia. We're sure you'll fall for these breedables that will take Second Life pet ownership to a whole new level.

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