Friday, October 12, 2012

Phantom Skulls Of Morgul: Wicked Halloween Decor

On sale until 4PM SLT 10/13/2012. Don't miss out!

Bonus Aether Skull Pedestal
Elicio Ember of Cerridwen's Cauldron has just released the first of a new line of products, Cerridwen's Creatures, and to help spice up your Halloween, he's made sure these are spooky and fun. The Phantom Skulls of Morgul are incredible floating skulls that will haunt you and any visitors to your home.

Red skull rezzer.
The skulls are born in an Orb of Morgul that looks innocent enough, but once activated, it becomes the spawner of evil skulls that fly around, screaming, chattering, and laughing (don't worry, you control how loud they are)! The Skulls of Morgul pack comes with six orbs in different colors (all orbs are copy, so you can place as many as you wish).

Lava Skulls!
Through the menu, activated by a 2 second touch on the orb, you can set up a variety of option, including selecting the types of skulls to release (there are five and you can choose any combination or all), number to release, distance, sound volume and more. There's even an option to keep the orb quiet until an avatar approaches.

Dark and Bone Skulls!
As a Halloween decoration, or even a year-round decoration for dark or fantasy sims, this is an incredible find that you won't want to miss. This pack includes 6 Orbs of Morgul, 5 unscripted skulls for landscaping, and special bonus skull pedestals for just L$375 on sale or L$550 full price. Join the Cerridwen's Brew group to keep informed on future 24 hour post-release sales.

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