Monday, August 13, 2012

Only in dreams

"When I started this project I had no idea that people's dreams and wishes would be so much scarier, personal and moving than their fears." The opening line of the notecard invitation to Pho Vinternatt's new exhibit of art and text sets the stage for a moving experience.

TPing in lands you in a totally white room, facing a blank wall.  Turning, a long white room is revealed, flanked on either side by a book-like display of photos with a facing page of text. The simple presentation belies the complexity of the exhibit: the headshots say more than is visible at first glance.

Each headshot is paired with text outlining the dreams of the subject. At once highly personal and utterly universal, these pairings offer the hopes, fears, desires, and regrets that we all carry in our hearts.

As with his previous exhibit "Fear," Pho has used the beauty and anonymity of our Second Lives to give light to the matters that haunt our first lives.

"Dreams" can be found at

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