Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cuddly Cuteness Exposed

If you're looking for to add some creature cuteness to your Second Life, these wearable Lil'Petz from the creators of Booshies may be just what you're looking for (especially if you're one of the many anxiously waiting for the full release). The pets are located in gatchas at Booshtopia and include several elements with a 5% chance of getting the rare versions. They are animated, adding more dimensions of cuteness, with actions including a cute wave from the Ibstomp (on shoulder) and flying from the Felitera (on head). The different species are in different gatchas, so you can choose your favorite when playing for your favorite color.

The Ibstomp really does more than just stand there, he just wasn't cooperating when the Felitera was being cute.

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