Monday, August 20, 2012

Menstuff Hunt

There is still time to grab the great gifts being offered by 150 of the top menswear designers at the Menstuff Hunt. Check out the list of all the stores SLURLs along with a list of hints. 

Hidden somewhere in the store will be the Menstuff T-shirt. Look closely, it could be tiny!
One of the managers of Menstuff is SkinTrader Grayskin, better known as Ahn, and he’s done a fantastic job of previewing all the gifts. But hurry, the hunt ends September 3, 2012.

Jesse Belavidorico (left) wears Kmadd “Elcon” hair Gift #2 & Tamiron Forge “Glamour Costume” Gift #4; 
Andrijiko “Dandy” Coveria (right) wears House of Alcott “Herne the Hunter” Gift #44

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