Friday, July 6, 2012


Sometimes, I just like to plug a random word into Second Life Search and see what turns up. The word in my mind today was "sleepless" and it yielded some surprisingly good results.

I narrowed the results to Places, and the first place I landed was in the middle of the TonkTastic store, in the heart of the Sleepless sim. I've known of TonkTastic for a long time (the now-defunct landmark I have for it dates back to 2008) but the shop had somewhat fallen off my radar. The richly detailed "Legend" flight jacket and the rigged mesh Gumboots that I landed in front of made me glad that TonkTastic is back on my agenda.

I resisted the lure of the boots (though many Lindens will undoubtedly be spent here soon) and selected the next promising location in the Search results.

Which was somebody's house. Not wanting to be caught trespassing, I hurried on, but not before peeking in the open windows. The inhabitants may be low on furnishings but they are high on mushy family photos, which made me smile.

The next hit I clicked on was Sleepless Nights, and the view I saw when I landed would make staying awake worthwhile.

This looks like art. It's actually a shop. I followed the line of falling down power lines to the Fiction & Chaos store which boasts a selection of women's and men's clothes and hair in the punk/neko/goth/rave styles. Wandering through it, I happened on the main store of House of Usher and admired the carefully crafted gothic furniture that would be at home in any remote and foggy palace.

The last destination I selected was a sim called SleeplessMUSIC. It also happens to be the main store of Connors Clothing.

I had heard of Connors but it's not very familiar to me, so I lingered briefly, checking out the casual styles for men and women and made another note to spend some more time (and money) here later.

At this point, I ran out of sleepless locations and time to visit them. I headed back home, pleased with my discovery of some new and new-again places and secure in the knowledge that shopping is the cure for insomnia.

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