Saturday, July 28, 2012


Blithe SL Magazine, in conjunction with Blue Balls, Malaika Park Sims, Hedonism, Pillow Biters, and VerseEye, is proud to present a very special fundraising event for the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT) on August 1st from 5-7pm SLT. As we release our August sex issue, we invite you to travel with us back to a time when television couples slept in separate twin beds (with a nightstand between them!), showing skin was taboo, and to mention the word "sex" was enough to send Aunt Edna into a fit of hysterics.

To fit with our very special theme, please eliminate all color from your avatar. We will provide grayscale skins and eyes from VerseEye to give you a head start, however, if you wish to add individuality to your style a variety of skin designers offer gray skins. Wear these with black, white or gray clothing and watch your avatar travel back through the decades to tell Lucy she's got some 'splainin' to do. Style for any television show from Leave it to Beaver to American Bandstand for a chance to win our contest, featuring amazing prizes from Blue Balls. With DJ Nash spinning for us, this is definitely one event you don't want to miss.

Please Stay Tuned. Landmark to follow.


  1. oh no, i keep my red hair! i am not like Lucy Recardo, i don't use henna rinse to redden my hair

  2. I made a free male avatar for tonight's event, checkout my blog for details

    I'm so excited, all my friends are dressing up :D