Tuesday, July 17, 2012

To See and Be Seen

I've worn glasses in SL for so long that I barely recognize my own av without them. I collect different pairs, some conservative, some more elaborate. I picked up a new pair today from Mr. Poet, one of my favourite shops; I have no idea if they're new or if they've been available for ages, I just liked how they look. The half-rim style is one of my personal favourites, and, like everything else at Mr. Poet, these are very well-made and beautifully detailed.

The glasses that I wear most of the time are from Solar Eyewear; they're called Arae.

The attractive feature about the Solar Eyewear products is that they come with a HUD for changing the appearance of the frames and lenses.

Yes, I occasionally feel the need to wear pink glasses. No, it's not the only colour choice. There are a whole range of presets, for regular glasses and sunglasses, as well as the opportunity to customise lenses, frames, shine and location (you can wear them on your nose or push them up on top of your head).

Speaking of locations, I love these Nerdify Me! specs from Buried, that can be worn on your nose, on your head, or between your teeth.

My other  current faves are from .:*December*:., which carries a broad range of different styles, from traditional to eclectic.


Traditional and eclectic.
And if eclectic is what you're after, I can think of few better examples than these Steampunk Spectacles from Refined Wild.

Strictly speaking, these are pince-nez, but whatever. They have a rotating clockwork mechanism on the one side, and that's enough to endear them to me.

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