Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mysterious Wave

I saw a notice today that the "Spirit" installation by claudia222 Jewell will be leaving the art screamer sim in early September. If any of you haven't yet checked out this incredible art experience, I urge you to do so quickly before it's gone on September 9. There will be a closing event on Sunday, which you can learn more about on Chestnut Rau's blog.

So it was with art and the ephemeral nature of it in Second Life on my mind that I happened this morning on Mysterious Wave, another immersive art installation.

Part exhibit, part gallery, part art shop, Mysterious Wave offers a surreal setting filled with eerily enchanting figures and objects.

As I walked closer to the massive tree that forms the heart of the space, I found myself waist deep in what I had thought from a distance were fields of lavender flowers. Instead, the "flowers" were floating, swaying text, the word "poetry" making up a meadow of lavender. I particularly like art that includes text, so I was immediately won over

Some of the art is available for purchase, so considering supporting the creative folks that make SL beautiful and take some of their creativity home with you.

The Mysterious Wave sim has been open in SL for some time, but the exhibits seem to change regularly, so make sure that you visit soon and then return to see what else is on offer.

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