Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Phenomenal Mesh Avatars

Detailed skins and dimensional muscles make mesh avatars hot.

Animations Rising has been a Second Life presence for as long as I can remember (and I'm much older than I look) and designer, Miro Collas, has always been an innovator. From unique poses and animations to his Living Light line, he has been introducing creative items to the grid for years. His most recent venture along with Prodigal, L'Uomo mesh avatars, brings us a line of muscular, detailed avatars to enhance our Second Lives.

Mesh body hair layer from SJ Thursday

The benefits of mesh avatars often outweighs the costs for those who love a muscular look. A quality modeler can create a mesh avatar like "Bruce" (seen above) with muscles that have lifelike dimensions, rather than those painted onto skins to define our standard avatars. From head to toe, Bruce's details more closely resemble those of a real life muscle man. The fit of clothes designed for the L'Uomo mesh avatars is tighter, fitting to the avatar, rather than hanging off it as so many other mesh designs seem to do. Designers such as SJ Thursday, Georgette, RGDW, and Omega Man create high-quality, sexy clothing designed solely for these avatars.
For those who worry that these avatars will force a cloning of those who purchase them, Miro has addressed the fear by creating alphas that allow various parts of the Second Life avatar (and any layer clothing worn) through, creating endless opportunities for individualization. Prim attachments such as hair, jewelry, and, of course, cocks attach to the mesh avatars.

If you're tired of the painted on musculature found with Second Life's basic shapes, Animations Rising's L'Uomo avatars may be just what you're looking for. Stop by the shop today to try a demo and see if Bruce or one of his mesh counterparts may be the muscle man you want to be.

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